My camera was based on a 'hearts and minds' approach to visual anthropology and photography, because I aim to capture that part of a person when filming or photographing. By this i mean that I try to capture the essence of a person or thing, not only what they try to portray, whilst using a camera. This is represented by the heart shape base and the eye. The eye also represents the lens of the camera and emphasizes that the camera is looking at you and you are able to return its gaze. It hints at the colonial past of photography and the ethnographic gaze.The foam figure represents the presence of the body during photography, something which is important but less visible (emphasized) than the heart, mind, and eye. The eye is a wooden box which opens up to contain extra party whistles, symbolizing that photography and film are also hobbies and can be fun. This also hints at the potential for photography and film to be performed acts. A golden party whistle sits atop the eye, representing the capture button. It can be blown to indicate that a picture has been taken. Finally, there is a pair of glasses on the back side of the heart for attaching to the face. 

Overall, I created the camera to be brightly coloured and fun because that was how I envisioned my film project turning out. The film didn't turn out quite that way but the camera serves as a reminder of what photography means to me.